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Everyone's a Kid up to (and including) My Age

Congrats on the weight loss. I didn't have the nerve until now, but I did want to say, your new physique has made me quite horny. (That was as much for cageyklio as for you.)

What's the old line? When Mozart was your age, he had been dead for seven years. Never worry about the Darwinian failures of other people. Of course, I have the advantage of being a closet suicidal case--it certainly relieves the stress of dying young. I also have an existential crisis about as frequently as I brush my teeth (and occasionally at the same time).

My 42nd birthday was spread over three days. cageyklio and I took one day of vacation for the actual day. One present each day. The first day, she gave me Stone Age. Cool board game! The second day, she gave (and watched with) me Doctor Who and the Revenge of the Cybermen. The third day, she was going to play Stone Age with me. You have to understand that this is probably the biggest gift she could offer. What did I do? I spent the entire day trying to catch up on work emails. Talk about seriously fucked up priorities.

So have fun with warmdarkwoman because that's what you'll remember down the road. We miss you guys. Stop electing insane people, and we might be able to get down there.

Re: Everyone's a Kid up to (and including) My Age

You haven't even seen my new physique yet. But I don't mind...flattery will get you everywhere.

I'll figure something out. Maybe after the legislative session is over and the insane people have gone home, since Sturdy Helpmeet™ can't really get much free time until then anyway.

(Can I beat some insane elected people with a stick for my birthday? That would be awesome. Better yet, come for a visit and I'll give you a stick, too. Can't get much more stone age than that.)

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