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Jacket / London 'burbs

Okay, so do we get a photo of you in the jacket? Or might we see you wearing it this "winter"? If we get a winter?

Your description of the train ride out of London reminds me of a similar experience I had. I was visiting my (great*) uncle, back in 1996, and on my way back from a few days' trip up to Norwich, if I recall correctly. I took the bus back to Victoria Station (do buses go there?) and then, in the early evening, was taking the train out to my uncle's, which is a little outside of the city, near Heathrow. It seems I was coming down with something, and I was feeling quite tired, the train's gentle chugging lulling me to sleep. I awoke to see far too many yards and greenery and sheep outside, and I knew I'd slept through my stop. After I disembarked, I waited for a train back toward the city, and finally reached my uncle's, albeit somewhat later than expected. He treated me with a few hot toddies and I went to bed. That was a very good sleep!

*He appreciates my dropping the 'great' part. He's my grandmother's younger brother. She's been here in the US since marrying my grandfather (a GI stationed in Europe during WWII) in 1945).

Re: Jacket / London 'burbs

I don't think I'm likely to post a photo of myself, but I'm sure you'll see me wearing it around. :-)

One thing I definitely want to do is spend more time outside London if I get the chance. Love London, but I want to see more. toddies for the win!

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